May 30, 2024

Moving has been successfully completed, although I’ve got another month or two before I’m truly finished. (I’ll probably be all settled in right about the time I’m packing out for San Diego.) Still, with the heavy work finished, I’ve got more time for recreation and will be able to start putting effort into getting this blog back up and running.

I’ll update this note when I’m closer to being ready to launch. As I said in the previous version, I’m going to wait until I have three weeks of updates.

Marvel Comics: The Pre-War Years (1939-1941), Part 3A: More Heroes, A-H

While Captain America, the Human Torch, Namor, the Angel, and the Young Allies were Marvel’s early stars, the anthology comics had lots of space to fill, and a bunch of colorful characters filled them. For the next two posts, I’ll be looking at the heroes who made more than one appearance in the Golden Age, excluding comedic characters like Officer O’Krime and Tubby an’ Tack. Even still, it’s a long list.

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