April 19, 2024

I was just about ready to dive back in and start writing again when I received notice my apartment lease was being terminated. So I have a month and a half to find a new place and move.

The site is going on hiatus until I’m settled in and have three weeks worth of posts, plus any placeholder text in earlier posts, written and ready to go. This will likely happen sometime around mid-June at the earliest.

Marvel Comics: The Pre-War Years (1939-1941), Part 3A: More Heroes, A-H

While Captain America, the Human Torch, Namor, the Angel, and the Young Allies were Marvel’s early stars, the anthology comics had lots of space to fill, and a bunch of colorful characters filled them. For the next two posts, I’ll be looking at the heroes who made more than one appearance in the Golden Age, excluding comedic characters like Officer O’Krime and Tubby an’ Tack. Even still, it’s a long list.

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