TV Micro-Reviews: March 6-12

Plans for posting for the next couple weeks or so: I’ll have the 2016 Awards: Lead Actress post up later today, a fairly short Review Roundup on Monday, another set of Micro-Reviews around Wednesday, 2016 Awards: Episode on Saturday, and then hopefully settle into a routine of Review Roundup on Monday and Micro-Reviews on Tuesday. Things are looking promising.

This is an exciting week, with dinosaurs, magical heists, blown double agents, a race against a corrupt government agent, and that doesn’t even get into what Legion‘s up to.

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Differently Rational Awards 2016: Favorite Lead Actor

First, a scheduling note: One of these will go up each Saturday from now until I am done.

Lead categories naturally lend themselves to holdovers, and half of this year’s list are (plus one who I categorized as a supporting actor last year, for some reason, which will likely change on revision). But half of this year’s list won’t be eligible for next year’s awards for one reason or another, so this may get chaotic.

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